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Personally if I were to make a tax plan it would be dramatic. This ~5% tax cuts are retarded and barely do anything but make GOP look bad on paper. GOP for years talked about flat tax, but they are a bunch of fake cowards who do not really stand on conservative values. 

Trump and tax cuts are good, but I really voted for immigration control, some veteran benefit increase to the budget, and to keep the supreme court from going far left. Tax cuts are simply a bonus, but yes it is possible for tax cuts to be bad if done in a half assed and corrupt manner. I really need to see both sides on this before jumping on a position though because both sides cherry pick and it always requires three levels of back and forth before I can make up my mind. 

Also, let's not pretend Hillary would be any better. Cruz would probably have done something closer to my vision given that he would be more about cutting taxes further and across the board. Bernie has a track record of being unsuccessful at almost everything he proposed in terms of authored policy change. The bank and corporate greed system is an issue and I'm on the right wing saying that, but both parties are rigged in this regard. It's hard to do anything but move the tax rate inches in one direction at this point.