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Alreaqdy debunked.  But anyway...


People picking out trump for special criticism still haven't figured all politicians are the same? How Cute.

Obama recently charged $400,000 for a one hour speech at an investment company.

Obama charged $600,000 recently for an interview with a presidential historian on subjects such as income inequality (the irony!)

Obama vetoed a cap on presidents pensions of $200,000 during his presidency, he wanted more.

Obama just signed a $65m book deal, selling his story about his time in office.  Cashing in on public office... but that just for other grubby politicians surely?

Yes, Obama will earn a few hundred million in his post presidency period and conveniently forget all that bull he spouted about inequality.

But that's all ok, because he was cool..... apparently. Plus he was a really, really good president that achieved lots, like mass disenchantment and huge social divisions leading to the election of Trump.

I'm not really here!

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