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Soma said:

haha, thanks!  So Maximum Velocity is the better game? Good to know, I was considering GP Legend more because of the music which is very similar to X.

But do you think it is better than the Snes one?

Maximum Velocity and the SNES original are about even. MV does a few things better (like more courses and more vehicles), but at the same time I expect a more fleshed out points system for a game that was released a decade later. MV still only asks you to finish in the top 3 in each grand prix race, so there's no evolution. What's interesting about MV is that its entire content is original, so all-new locations and vehicles. Whether that counts as a plus or a minus point is something that everyone needs to decide for themself though.

I'd put the F-Zero games in three tiers:

Top level - F-Zero X (N64 version only)
Greatness - F-Zero and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Disappointments - F-Zero GX, F-Zero GP Legend and F-Zero Climax

There's a sharp dropoff between tier 2 and 3, but there's no reason to have a tier inbetween when there are no games that qualify for it.

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