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SvennoJ said:
caffeinade said:

Foveated Rendering should help VR, and it should be relatively easy to do since you can have a camera right in front of the user's eyes.

Yup, it's what will make VR cheaper to render than full screen in the future. It's the same as multi res rendering, except more extreme and dynamic. However the early headsets are so low res that it doesn't help much, once 4K and 8K headsets become the norm, foveated rendering will cut the workload dramatically.

Instead of a full hi-res screen this startup is trying to do it differently
Move a high res image over the low res image keeping pace with where you look. Sounds complicated to make that work without being noticeable. Less moving parts is usually better.

Foveated rendering can also help making the headsets wireless. The image should compress a lot better for transmission, plus the software can aid the compression to preserve detail where you are looking. Dual 4K at 90hz is a lot of bandwidth, especially through wifi.

Have you seen the StarVR headset?