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caffeinade said:


Where is the confusion coming from?

Framerate is not the same as game design, no game I know of even blurs the lines.

Bold; There is no confusion, I'm simply asking why you're (At least trying to) telling me that I find 60fps more fun than 30fps as if it's a fact, when the simple fact is that no, I don't find 60fps more fun than 30fps, it makes absolutely zero difference to me whatsoever, yet you seem to be using "this is not up for debate" as an excuse to completely ignore anything being said that doesn't follow your way of thinking. It's very flawed.

Underlined; I'm not saying that framerate and game design are the same, I'm saying that framerate does not in any way affect the amount of fun I have with a game, I really don't get how you don't understand that, contrary to what you think, there are people who can enjoy a game the exact same amount at 30fps even if it's available at 60fps too.