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CrazyGamer2017 said:
curl-6 said:

It's a handheld. That's not an excuse, it's simply a fact that it's not viable to squeeze PS4 levels of power into such a small case with today's technology.

Fine. Where is this generation's home system by Nintendo then?

Whether you answer, it's the Switch which then would validate my point or you say "there is no home system from Nintendo this gen", which is actually worse, the problem of a norm of 1080p 60fps games not being there, remains.

Nintendo are no longer making dedicated home consoles; there isn't room on the market for three similar consoles to do well, there never has been. On the other hand, making an alternative product, the Switch, is clearly paying off. Plenty of Switch games are 1080p60 actually, and given the success of titles like Zelda gamers don't seem to mind too much if a game doesn't hit an arbitrary pixel count.