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1080p 60fps, that should now (2017) be the standard reference for video games. Unfortunately it is everything but.

The Switch is way too under powered which as the latest 2017 system out there should have no excuse for its lack of performance. Too much needs to be sacrificed to reach 60fps

The base PS4 does way much better but 1080p 60fps games on that system are more the exception than the norm. The Pro improves the situation as more and more games seem to reach the target but still a lot needs to be done.

The Xbox One and the S are not powerful enough either though there too you got some games reaching the target. The soon to be released X is the one that is the most likely to reach target but Microsoft is making the mistake of putting the system's power into 4k high resolution rather than on 60fps when it's either one or the other that can be chosen.

So we are not there yet when by now we should so more patience is required to get there I guess.


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