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Zkuq said:
twintail said:

And this interview was from 4 months ago http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-06-12-the-big-interview-xbox-boss-phil-spencer

I dont have to interpret his motives. Its pretty obvious if he keeps repeating them.

Uh, to me, this is similar to his 'damage control', so this basically backs up what I said about him personally not liking these things? If your point is still that he should have said so directly in the first place, I must disagree with you. Not everything needs to be spelled out, and in my opinion, this is definitely one of those things that doesn't need to be.

He doesn't like these things but is very specific to point out that they ('we' - Microsoft) don't do those things and that he ('I' - Phil) doesn't make those deals. Not only is he flat out saying what they do, but he phrases it as a contrast to what the competition is doing (aka making deals). But here we are with MS making a deal even though Phil was pretty explicit that neither MS nor himself make deals that limits a game from another audience.

He doesn't need to spell it out, but he did.