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Ganoncrotch said:
vivster said:

Yep, it's a lot better to do both. Create games and then keep those games forever away from rival platforms. That way you can keep players out for eternity and not just a few measely months.

If you mean a Sony or Nintendo created game being on a machine that they manufacture is in line with this? Surely you understand the difference between creating a game on a platform for your audience and just taking measures to prevent a game created by someone else from going to a rival platform?

One of the above scenario's creates a game, the other one creates nothing.

One of the things creates a game deliberately only for a tiny portion of consumers, the other slightly delays a product that can be enjoyed by all consumers. Both things' sole purpose is to make money.

Both is equally shitty, I just don't buy into the narritive of the benevolent game creator that just wants to make exclusive games for us. Manufactured exclusivity is a terrible thing no matter how it's done.

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