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LadyJasmine said:
Canada, Australia, and New Zeland have very controlled immigration system due to geography and have done so with great success.

They also protect their borders while the EU picks up Africans 10 miles from the African shores to drop them off in Italy. I very much doubt Australia does the same thing. Canada has the US as buffer zone. Why go to Canada if you have to travel to the entire US as Mexican.


Besides the reasonably controlled stream of immigrants aren't Europe is biggest safety problem these days but Islamic terrorism by third generation Muslims in Europe however is. So even if European Muslims are educated and go to college they can and appearently will still commit terrorist attacks in the name of Islam. Not the immigrants. That's the real issue European countries have since they can't shield  European Muslims from IS or another terrorist organisation.


This all is ultimately leading to terrorist attacks anf t here will be more fot years if not decades to come more terrorist attacks for years to come. Which is partly to thank because of Merkel who allowed an uncontrolled stream of immigrants  (over a million)  in the country during 2014/2015 of which there are almost surely members of IS among them this will guarantee to cause problems in the near future. When the next terrorist organisation starts influencing European muslims. 

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar