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Errorist76 said:
RolStoppable said:

My profile isn't lying. I live in Austria, always have.

Saying that someone is supporting the AfD by means of not showing up to an election is reaching. On top of that, it's unfair to accuse me of that when I am not even eligible to vote in Germany.

You said you went to school in Nordrhein Westfalen...that's why I assumed that you grew up there. I was initially talking about you voting in the poll and not in reality btw.. You yourself stated that you voted for the AfD there and I'm still having problems to decipher if you did it out of humouristic or attitudinal reasons.

No, I said that GoonKid went to school in Nordrhein-Westfalen when you wondered if he was being serious or joking.

It was brought up numerous times in this thread that people hope that the AfD votes in the poll are troll votes, so I posted to say that I voted for them in the poll.

Following that, I wrote a post about refugees from Africa and Asia, and how Jamaica is now considered as well. The latter doesn't refer to the country though, but the colors of a possible coalition between three German political parties. The comment about Nordrhein-Westfalen is standard routine for most German comedians, so I'd think that people are aware of the criticism for the lacking educational level of NRW. In the same post I mentioned NRW, I cited the statement of an AfD representative who was live on TV on Sunday. Pretending that Björn Höcke's name is Bernd is a running gag in the German satirical news show 'heute Show'.

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