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LadyJasmine said:
Mnementh said:

Yeah, that's why I want direct democracy. Parliament should make in legislation in most cases, but if the people disagree or want a legislation that the parliament refuses they can put it to a vote. It's working in Switzerland.



Imo I find many people dont like direct democracy as they think the avg voter is stupid and uneducated which imo is an elitist statement. 

I do think for major issues like Brexit or changing the constitution and such things there should be referendums.


Having leaders who get like 30% of the vote deciding such issues is far less democratic. 


Also, if some say people are too stupid to decide politics, they basically argue against democracy at all. I don't understand how that is an argument against direct democracy but not against representative democracy. It just makes no sense.

Besides there is a simple solution: the political parties should be instructed by the constitution, that they have the duty to educate people about politics. Simple solutions to the perceived problem that the voters are too uneducated to decide political issues.

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