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Errorist76 said:
LurkerJ said:
Good to have you Germans condescending to Americans politics and lecturing us about which party is evil and which is nice. Newsflash, there's only one party in the USA, corporatists and lobbyists run the show. Moreover, I'd take those so-called neo-nazis over Islam apologists/importers any day of the week.

Americans are lucky their immigration problems are mainly related benign Mexicans crossing their imaginary border, we'll see how "progressive" Europe become when Islamists stop being a "minority", which is happening sooner than anyone has predicted.

How ironic...a country of immigrants complaining about immigration.


Also islamists != Muslims. It's incredible how people from a once so 'free' country can be so narrow minded and xenophobic.




Oddly Muslims in the United States and Canada are likely wealthier and successful than in Germany and France likely...




Bringing in a ton of them and putting them into low-income poverty areas without much social mobility as we see in France and likely the future in Germany is rather narrow-minded and xenophobic..