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When eating in Rome, try and go to Testaccio, the culinary area. It's an artificial hill built from centuries of discarded clay amphorae.
I personally recommend the restaurant "Il Bucatino".

In Paris Rue de la Huchette is a pretty safe bet, and la Braserade there serves typical French foundues and it's quite great.
Walking along la Senne is also quite fantastic, and the ideal place to get a few souvenirs or books for cheap.

If I had any suggestions, try to plan your visits ahead of time, but leave some time just for walking and exploring.
Going from museum to museum on a schedule can be very stressing, so idle breaks help avoiding it all becoming routine. It also helps in scouting out restaurants before dinner.
As a general tip, avoid restaurants near city centers, or places full of tourists

I think keeping a journal to write your thoughts is also a great idea, even if you do it every couple days or so.