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theprof00 said:
I don't beat games much anymore. I play and then get bored with them. I'm like at the last part of both resevil and p5 and can't bring myself to pop-em in sadly.

Same! I struggle badly to actually complete a game. Don't have as much time these days to play and when I can, it's usually something multiplayer related or rock band which is just a rhythm game. 


Made it pretty far into FFXIIR most recently. Just started picking up where I left off on digimon cyber sleuth from a while ago. Progressed a bit on BF1 campaign. 


Wait, actually the last game I beat this year was Darksiders 2 remastered. Had beaten it before, when the original game came out, something about that franchise grips me. The lore is incredibly interesting and details the end of times and the fight between heaven and hell, while you are a neutral horseman of the apocalypse that is set out to clear the name of your brother, War.