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COKTOE said:
Darashiva said:
Trails of Cold Steel I and II - Both quickly became among my favourite games from recent years, and now I'm really waiting for the final part of the trilogy. Overall I put around 180 into these two games combined.

Botanicula - A weird, abstract adventure game with a really cool artstyle. Not the most difficult game, but fun for the short time it lasts.

The Secret of Monkey Island - Finally got around to playing this one for the first time. Pretty much as good as its reputation would have you believe. The writing is excellent and the characters are great, one of the far too few games that succeeds in being intentionally funny. Some of the puzzles are a bit obtuse, but that's a small issue overall.

Those were fun chill out games. I liked Secret Of Monkey Island 2, and the episodic Tales From Monkey Island games too. Did you play the Special Edition or the original? 

The Special Edition. I bought a double pack of the first two game from a Steam sale some two years ago, but only got around to playing the first one recently. Haven't even touched the second yet, although I have played it for a little bit years ago. And yeah, it was a very relaxing game to play.

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