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Last 5 games I beat...

Slime San: Basically a Super Meat Boy Clone. D-Pad Controls with the pro controller on Switch are terrible, so I had to resort to joycons. This game demands exact button inputs, and timing from the D-Pad.

Sonic Mania: Blows the Genesis games out of the water.

Splatoon 2: I slogged through the slow story mode, just for drink tickets. Would not recommend. The real meat of this game is the online.

Breath of the Wild: This took me 120 hours. I'm just happy Zelda got to evolve as a franchise after 19 years of being the same old thing. Every console Zelda after Ocarina of Time falls short of Ocarina of Time in some way. Breath of the Wild is the first console Zelda to outdo the 1998 classic.

Shin Megami Tensie IV: A really good JRPG from Atlus. The breeding system in this game is insane. There's hundreds of monsters to discover, breed and train. I've still got to go back to this one to get all the endings.

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