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What games, over the span of the last 3-4 months or so, have you completed? 

For me:

Persona 5 - I'm real proud of this one cus it was a 3 month long endeavor into the longest game I've ever played by far, and at times was super fucking hard and frustrating, poss because i was underleveled, at least it seriously felt like it cus I was getting killed super fast in the final stretch of the game. The music, characters, the style and the awesome turned based gameplay made this game one of my favorites ever.  Finished the game at 116 hours playtime. Maybe one day, many years from now I'll crack out the PS4 and replay this game. 

Outlast 2 - My favorite genre in media is horror, because I for some reason love being scared, and in general I love high intensity which horror almost always provides. I'm a huge fan of Outlast 1, and Outlast 2 was just as good, if not better, than the first one. At first though, I was pretty confused with what I was doing. Being in the asylum in the first game with pretty much corridors only was a lot more simple than being out in the woods with cornfields and a shit ton of different little houses and shit that Outlast 2 has. And my god, was Outlast 2 a dark game, and I'm not talking about its story. I'm talking brightness here. Dark as fuck, gotta use the camera to make light. The game genuinely creeped me out, a lot, and scared me a good bit. And I've played and beaten Resident Evil 7 in VR multiple times. Though, Outlast is pretty different from Resident Evil 7, being way more fast paced and having no combat. Either way, I'm glad that non-VR horror games can still scare the shit out of me. Outlast 2 is a horror classic in my eyes.

Farpoint - For months I was trying to track down the PSVR Aim Controller Farpoint bundle, and one day last month, stock magically appeared at a local gamestop. I hauled my ass down there and purchased that bitch, played that shit with my friend and had my mind blown. Awesome graphics, awesome tracking and slick as fuck controller, and cool ass enemies. Pretty cool story too, can be a bit emotional which was a little surprising to me. I recommend this game if you have PSVR