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kingofwale said:
trestres said:
@kingofwale: DMC, GTA, RE, SO are now on MS consoles now, that's not just 1 game. Either way FF and MGS are still on PS.

But KH, DQ, Suikoden and FF main franchises may end up on the Wii as well. Don't forget that most of the JRPG's were exclusive to Sony last gen. This gen a lot of Japanese support will go to the Wii, and some will be bought by MS (Last Remnant, ToV, Infin. Undisc, LO, Blue Dragon, SO4, Eternal Sonata and who knows what else). I still don't know what PS3 owners can expect from japanese devs so far that isn't developed by Sony.

Nintendo has gotten Rune Factory, DQ, FF (secondary series so far), Tenchu main series, Odin Sphere, Disgaea, Harvest Moon and many others, either on DS or Wii. All stolen from Sony's PS2.

Why would I care if DMC, GTA, RE, SO are now on MS? As long as they STILL show up on console I own with good quality. I said in my last post, "exclusive" is nothing more than fanboy pride.

Also, I rather not respond to question regarding games that might/might not show up for a console. Read my sig in regarding where I think KH will end up.

As for some of Nintendo's game that are "stolen" from last gen console. All I have to say is. Sony stole main series of FF from someone, it's just the way video game market is.

 Still, how do you know SO is only a "timed" exclusive? They said it might or might not be on the PS3, we still don't know.

 Oh, can I somehow get in on the KH bet?

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