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Lafiel said:

yea todays action JRPGs are not my cup of tea either, endlessly spamming your combo while the AI handles 3+ other chars is like the anti-thesis of fun to me and it's very disappointing FF went way towards that direction - I want to control every action and win battles using strategy

I see this exaggeration way too often. There are spammy action RPGs but a good one has multiple abilities and techniques to master. Parrying, blocking, counter attacks, dodges, positioning. Granted, turn based is inherently more strategic but any competent game won't allow you to smash the attack button to every victory. FFXV could have made it a bit more challenging but there are defensive tactics you need to learn in order to succeed. The only turn based RPGs i enjoy are actual strategy based ones like Wasteland 2 and Divinity Original sin, not the likes of pokemon.

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