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GoOnKid said:
Barozi said:
I think portability is dramatically overrated.
When exactly is it useful?

During school/work? Certainly not.
When you're at home? No advantage over a console/PC.
On the way to school/work? Only if you use trains/busses (and longer than say 10 minutes per ride).
Is anyone going outside just to play with a handheld? Even then a laptop/tablet would suffice.

And don't get me wrong, 4k is just a bonus.

Bold: A TON of advantages as you can play whenever you want. Like, in your bed, for example. Or when you're preparing dinner. A quick match of 1-2 Switch while cooking is awesome as you don't need a TV. Just an example. Or if your partner wants to use the TV at the same time like you would want to play - just play in handheld mode.

Italic: That's perfect for a lot of games! Instead of just staring through the window you can use your otherwise wasted time and play some games. I'm sure you can beat a lot of heavy rpg's that way. It sums up every day.

Bold:Why would I want to play in different rooms, if I could just play where I always play? Bed or couch, what's the difference?
Also you could just stream your Xbox One or PS4 games to a laptop if you really wanted. Or play PC games on the laptop.

Italic: Like I said that's the only worthwhile use I can imagine. But again other people listen to music during that time, browse the web or chat.
Also using numbers from the US, only 5% of the workforce uses public transportation to get to work. That's quite a minority.