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Let's see, shouldn't be too hard in my case. (Always have a Top 100 Games List ready and updated which makes it relatively easy to extract the franchises from it)

10. Pikmin - I kinda grew up with Pikmin, replaying Pikmin 2 over and over again and waiting forever for Pikmin 3 to be announced and launched. A franchise close to my heart.

9. Monster Hunter - While it now is one of my favorites, Tri (my first MH) didn't click with me at first. Only after trying it a second time, it hooked me. After convincing some friends of the series' qualities as top tier coop games, i now have many hundreds of hours in MHFU, MH3, MH3U, MHP3, MH4U and MHG.

8. Bayonetta - An instant favorite after playing the Wii U Releases. I now unvoluntarily compare every character action game to Bayonetta when playing it.

7. Super Mario - Not much to say about Mario. Love every 3D console release with the exception of 3D Land and World. (Mind you, both games are great, though not exactly what i want from 3D Marios)

6. Persona - Only played Persona 4: Golden and Persona 5 but the stories and characters of both games are just too good for this franchise not to be in my top 10.

5. Dishonored - Top tier level design, atmosphere and lots of different skills (also an intriguing story and setting) make this an instant top 10 (or in this case - top 5) candidate. I especially love the replayability value of part 2.

4. The Legend of Zelda - Played nearly all of them though i finished only TWW and BOTW. Love the diversity that the franchise offers. 

3. Zero Escape - As with Persona, absolutely fantastic stories (albeit minor writing weaknesses) that are as complex and as interresting as the medium of interactive storytelling gets. Helps, that i'm a huge science fiction fan. Love all three Games, even though ZTD is a bit of a.. let's call it clusterfuck.

2. Xenoblade Chronicles - With Xenoblade Chronicles being my favorite game and Xeno X being in my Top 10, the franchise could overtake rank 1 of this list with a third game that is as excellent as the first two. Love Xenoblade Chronicles for it's story, characters and storytelling (awesome cutscenes) and Xeno X for the best Open World (imho even better than BOTW) that i know.

1. Fire Emblem - With both PoR and RD being in my Top 5 as well as me loving Awakening and all Fates Games, the choice for favorite franchise was an easy one.

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