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morenoingrato said:

This is a gaming forum first and foremost.
If people are interested in those discussions they can always go to the subforum.
I, for one, am sick of consistently seeing Donald Trump or whatever on the front page almost every day.

I need to add, it's always the same people. Always the same bunch dragging down discussion to the dirt.



It's a gaming forum primarily and that's what the site in general is for and about, not for Pol talks, not for clickbait Trump articles and the usual IS talk. I've been seeing more and more pol threads cropping up over time and they usually end up with some people banned in them.

You want pol threads?, go to the sub forum and keep it there.

Also yes, it is always the same people posting the same type of pol topics over and over and it's mostly used to drive some personal point home that serves no purpose.