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Welfare said:
Weekly averages

PS4 June 2017: 381K / 5 = 76,200
PS4 July 2017: 217K / 4 = 54,250


This is the weakest June to July drop for the PS4. The previous year was 2015 at -26%.

NSW June 2017: 216K / 5 = 43,200
NSW July 2017: 222K / 4 = 55,500


PS4's drop comes from the lack of the days of summer promotion. I'm still surprised how well that did for them. Still a good July, especially since it's the same number as 2015 without any leftover Batman bundles to help keep sales up like that year had. 


Switch number is obviously as high as stock allowed it to be, but like you, Welfare, I was expecting more. Those Japanese stock increases threw me for a loop.