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Bristow9091 said:
exdeath said:

Yiazmat? I don't recall, like 15 mins?  I researched my builds and gear for optimal end game (shikari+bushi and dark blade is specifically for Yiazmat) before I even started the game for the first time. Researched missables, etc.

I remember someone telling me on the PS2 release you could miss something very important if you opened a chest early on in the game or something... is this related to a trophy? Or have they changed it for The Zodiac Age?

The Zodiac spear. There were 4 chest randomly(well scripted, but you know what I mean) placed throughout the world. If you opened any of them - you couldn't get the item. I've read that many think it was a ploy to sell strategy guides.

That since has changed now. You can't miss out on the spear now.

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