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The Fury said:
exdeath said:

Just completed the Platinum last weekend.

Ignoring the fact most of the trophies are time sinks and I had to start again so no where near them, how long did it take you to beat 'him'?

Yiazmat? I don't recall, like 15 mins?  I researched my builds and gear for optimal end game (shikari+bushi and dark blade is specifically for Yiazmat) before I even started the game for the first time. Researched missables, etc.


My non dps classes have Seitengrates too so it's pretty much zzzz.  


Honestly the Judges for trial 100 felt longer as they require strategy  and patience with or without OP gear and builds.  Get too greedy on  damage on the second to last guy when he defense ups and slip up and it's all over even with just two left.  Even if you go in with Reddas and 3x Seitengrates thinking you'll face roll it you'll still get rekt without a strategy and awareness of mechanics.  Probably the only fight you can't really cheese.