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Plerpy_ said:

I went in blind to TZA for the most part. I've played FF12 before just not this job system. I went with::

Vaan - Shikari / Bushi
Balthier - Machinist / Time Battlemage
Fran - Arher / Red Battlemage
Basche - Uhlan / Knight
Ashe - Black Mage / Foebreaker
Penelo - White Mage / Monk

Main party is Vaan/Balthier/Penelo but the other three can certainly hold their own. I'm doing all the end game stuff and having no problems. The only *slight* issue I have is using technicks as Ashe has all the good wither ones.

I'll suss out more optimised builds next playthrough. White Mage / Machinist combo for example.

Well with your main party you've definitely got variety in terms of damage and magicks

I'm still tempted to go with the party brendude posted;

Vaan - Shikari / Foebreaker
Balthier - Machinist / Uhlan
Fran - Red Battlemage / Archer
Basch - Bushi / Knight
Ashe - Time Battlemage / White Mage
Penelo - Monk / Black Mage

It's definitely a solid line up of combinations, although I've been trying to find a way to give Balthier swords as well as guns, but I don't want two people having the same class, and all the other combinations seem to work together really well... guess I'll just have to live with him having spears rather than swords, lol