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Ruler said:
Cirio said:
Jihad literally means "to strive for". A parent working 80 hours a week so their children can live without worry is jihad. An institution creating soup kitchens and feeding the poor is jihad. There are millions of examples of Jihad.

Unfortunately, the only section of it that is in focus by anyone is the "fighting for the defense of your neighbors" example. And by the looks of it, Turkey is going to follow in these steps as well. They're not teaching the true meaning of Jihad, rather, they're teaching and focusing on an extremely minute example of Jihad.

How is islam/religion the answer for these problems tough? There is 90% poor people because god wants it this way, any religion will teach you

Well if you just believe in this world that sounds atrocious and horrible but at least in Islam the poor will enter heaven a lot earlier than rich people. They are tested more in this life because God has more faith in them that they will remain faithful while for some rich dude who goes broke that might be a teat also or a punishment for not being faithful. And if God knows you cannot take hardships with faith he night ease you for you to remain faithful. Even being rich is a test since you have to give donations perform hajj etc and remain faithful in the face of many worldly desires. It would be no test if all the world was a middle class society where everyone loved each other no one needed help no wars but the war part is more humans being humans since free will does exist. If you think of this life as a test for the afterlife which is many times longer than this than it seems more logical for there to be this world of poor and hardships. Now if you ask why would an omnipotent being even require to test us since He already knows what we'll do I have no answer for that at the moment. But Christians and atheists and much of the world in fact has started to just think about this world while Muslims still think about this stuff and it is ingrained into us not all Muslims in fact the number of Muslims who think like this are also shrinking. But we don't have a magic way of someone taking our sins. The sins we do are ours and we will have them and our virtues and we'll take them to the grave. All we can do is ask for forgiveness. For an atheist who thinks only of the material world and who does not believe in any afterlife that might be a really hard concept to grasp and he will think its stupid but your way of thinking is what is in effect here since no scientific proof of God OE lack thereof or of the afterlife or lack thereof has been found or will be found

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