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Monty said: I don't believe it was laughed off the internet... at last check it was still there. Anyhow, don't kill the messenger... if you have a problem with these professional analysts, you can take it up with them. But, it goes in line with what I've been saying all along... most professionals cite the 360 sales as being much higher than what vgcharts is displaying.
Well the figure for PS3 is definitely more than 0.5m. I really wouldn't look too much into those figures, they were likely guessed a few months back and are heavily rounded. The whole article has been laughed at because their sales projections are absurd. Mexico may well be an upcoming gaming region, and I'm sure sales don't count for zero there, but to suggest that it is going to make up the 2 million difference between the ~8m that most of us get to through reasoned estimation and using data we have to the 10m that microsoft claim to have shipped is crazy. I'd imagine that sales in Mexico are less than 100,000. That's not to say they won't grow as the country develops as a gaming region but you are clutching at straws if you think sales there are going to be significant. You're pretty inconsistent with your numbers, if you look back you combine NA estimates with US NPD data and so on and then start adding more for Mexico. What do you think sales should be? Give us your breakdown region by region and we can pick holes...