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With all the hype and excitement for me is over.

I think DQ multi plat was not awesome. What it did is only split the fanbase.
Imagine if it was only a PS4 exclusive if PS4 version can manage to sell this much even though there was a 3DS version with a large install base imagine what it can sell for an exclusive.  (3DS exclusive can also sell 2 million easily).

Although, In all honesty 3DS ver. under-performed while the PS 4 version over-performed. While 1.1 Million is a great feat but with the install base of 3DS this could have sold more. 1.5 Million should be a minimum even with the PS4 version around.

Leads me to think is SE happy with this sales especially from 3DS?

But it is still first week and another DQ VII can happen where the drop is not that high so it will be about the legs.