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Great week all around. DQXI on both PS4 and 3DS appear to have done well as expected. Splatoon will be the first million seller for the Switch within likely the next week or two, which is nothing short of amazing in Japan since it has taken this long for PS4 to even have two at this point. No trying to offend anyone but you gotta hand it to Splatoon for becoming such a juggernaut that it can become the first million seller in Japan in only 5-6 months into the Switch's life. What also impressed me is the Switch's hold with 89K. With the console being on demand for months, I'm glad production was able to ramp up at least for these past two weeks. Just recently there was a report that a 1000 Switch units were sold within 2 minutes from a certain retailer in Japan so it lets you know that the console is continuing to be a wanted console.