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Mr Puggsly said:
vivster said: 

Easy solution:

Have government pay for the whole thing and make all individuals and companies without exception pay for the cost. Then see how fast politicians are suddenly able to come to the table and do something about out of control costs that they and all of their constituents suddenly have to bear.

But think about how many Canadians will suffer by not having a place to go while their country makes them wait!

Another easy solution is let the free market bring the cost of healthcare down. Its amazing what could happen if the government doesn't have a stranglehold.

Wait what? Really? No wait, I must've read that wrong. Nope, you really said that. Still, cannot believe it though.

The free market is the fucking cause of the price explosion in things related to healthcare. Because the free market knows that people can't live without essentials like healthcare and as such can demand the highest prices. The fuck is the government doing to increase the prices?

Seriously, you cannot possibly believe this.

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