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barneystinson69 said:
vivster said:

Where did they say this? Obamacare is already barely working due to countless exceptions for people to opt out of it. How the fuck would you make Healthcare better by making tax payers pay even less?

That's like saying "We will fix the infrastructure of the country by cutting income tax to 0%". Because who needs money to pay for services.

Look, costs in general are out of control. Health care in the US is far more expensive to taxpayers and individuals than it should be. Fact is, a single-payer system that is done right ends up being cheaper than having to rely on insurance. I'm sure democrats wouldn't mind if taxpayers would pay less either. But back on topic, I honestly don't know how it would be achieved, but you can't tell me this is something democrats wouldn't want.

I'm convinced that at least some democrates understand how an insurance works and why it is better than cutting costs for individuals. An insurance works only if people who do not currently need it pay for it. Making it so that healthy people don't pay defeats the whole purpose. General healthcare costs are definitely out of control but that is a separate issue that needs strong backing to fight against big pharma lobbyists.

See it this way.

Currently no one cares that healthcare is too expensive because it only affects individuals. The majority are after all healthy and don't have to pay the costs. So nothing will ever be done about it.

Easy solution:

Have government pay for the whole thing and make all individuals and companies without exception pay for the cost. Then see how fast politicians are suddenly able to come to the table and do something about out of control costs that they and all of their constituents suddenly have to bear.

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