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vivster said:
barneystinson69 said:

The GOP wants Obamacare to cost less to taxpayers, and wants lower premiums. Democrats can agree with this, so I don't see what the problem is. I'm hoping things can change, and I thank Mccain for sticking to his promise.

Where did they say this? Obamacare is already barely working due to countless exceptions for people to opt out of it. How the fuck would you make Healthcare better by making tax payers pay even less?

That's like saying "We will fix the infrastructure of the country by cutting income tax to 0%". Because who needs money to pay for services.

Look, costs in general are out of control. Health care in the US is far more expensive to taxpayers and individuals than it should be. Fact is, a single-payer system that is done right ends up being cheaper than having to rely on insurance. I'm sure democrats wouldn't mind if taxpayers would pay less either while keeping Obamacare. How that is done, well maybe trying to fight for lower prices from pharmaceuticals companies would help, but I'm not a politican.

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