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Darwinianevolution said:
Mnementh said:
If I look at the numbers and four weeks missing on VGC to match this it seems...
Switch is a bit overtracked, maybe 100K.
Mario Kart is a bit undertracked, maybe 50K.
1-2-Switch is undertracked a lot, around 400-500K.

Is 1-2 Switch a title mostly bought digitally? 400-500k is a lot to undertrack.

I pretty much doubt it. But I forgot digital in the first place, so Mario Kart is probably spot on in VGC.

Also, I have to point out: 4 million sellers in four months. With the Famitsu-numbers for Splatoon we can be pretty sure Splatoon is another one. That makes five millioon sellers in five months. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

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