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Eagle367 said:
LurkerJ said:

A member of the opposition Republican People's Party, Mustafa Balbay, said any suggestion the theory was beyond their understanding was an insult to high school students.

"You go and give an 18-year old student the right to elect and be elected, but don't give him the right to learn about the theory of evolution...This is being close minded and ignorant."

The theory of evolution is rejected by both Christian and Muslim creationists, who believe God created the world as described in the Bible and the Koran, making the universe and all living things in six days. Mr Erdogan, accused by critics of crushing democratic freedoms with tens of thousands of arrests and a clampdown on media since a failed coup last July, has in the past spoken of raising a "pious generation".

Muslims dont believe the universe  was created in six days. At least no muslim i know believes thag. The quran does mention stages or periods of crtion not days its just the same word ayyam is used in arabic for days and indefinite amounts of periods. So the ayyam can be one day or it can be billions of years

And we dont believe God needs any rest whatsoever  unlike the christians who say he rested the seventh day. And not all creationists deny evolution though most do. But learning about something should not be forbidden and the turkish government is being very stupid. Finally jihad means struggle it has notbing to do with patriotism or war or religion in and of itself. Sure struggling for your nation is patriotism and struggling for winning wars is war related and jihad for Allah is religious but in and of itself jihad is just basic struggle and everyone does it. Now why are two news stories one about evolution studies the other about jihad linked together like they mean something together?

AGH, how many times I've told myself not to get into religion related discussions, but yeah, guess I cannot help myself but support what I believe

as Eagle367 said, no educated Muslim or Christian believes that God created everything in 6/7 days, this is just a simple argument used by atheists to call religious people brainless

the word day in the Bible/Quran is indeed allegorical refering to periods/stages of time and not 24 hours (words being used in a similar way is very common in ancient writings), in reality what Genesis describes is very close to what science says, this explains it very well

Genesis was revealed to Moses 4000 years ago, people could barely write or have calendars at the time, did scientists really expect Genesis to talk about atoms and chemical reactions, and for instance explain how genes and cells evolved through billions of years? lol obviously that would be pointless as those terms would not exist for the next 3.8 thousand years

maybe evolution and Genesis can co-exist, there is a first time for everything right? there is a point where gray looks more white than black, I don't see how evolution denies the fact that a first human existed, who was 50.0000001% human and 49.9999999% ape, is it that weird that the first of the human species was called Adam? :P