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Ruler said:
So why is paying for online still exclusive for Xbox One then?

It's not?

sethnintendo said:

Okay then lets talk about Sony Music DRM shit that would make PCs vulnerable in the early 2000s.  Is that anti consumer?


DRM is always anti-consumer. Sony has been a massive supporter of DRM schemes.

Lauster said:


To compare (and minimize) these attacks against the single big attack of the PSN (as unacceptable as it was, data was less sensitive) is quite inappropriate.

It's perfectly appropriate.

The hacks on the PSN was done mostly by individuals sitting in basements... And the only reason why the PSN network was blasted open the way it was... Was because Sony didn't care enough to put in place proper security measures. - And that is not acceptable in the digital age. Period.
It could have all been avoided completely.
Sony shouldn't be praised/excused for being incompetent, they should be ridiculed. It really is that simple.

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