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Ganoncrotch said:
ktay95 said:

From IGN

Update 2: 2K has corrected an error in its original press release - WWE 2K18 is scheduled for a "Fall 2017" release on Nintendo Switch.

Fall officially ends in mid-December, so this could mean up to a two-month wait after the PS4 and Xbox One versions arrive - or it could simply be a way to allow for any unexpected delays in production that would cause the new version to miss an intended October 17 release

So yeah sounds like it was misreported as day and date with PS4/XBO -__-

Mid December :D so you'll have almost 2 full weeks of sales on the Switch to make up 3 months of sales on the other systems Lewis, so.... what do you wager your sig is going to look like? maybe just a big "I hate Nintendo" banner? :D

With that new bit of info, I would rather not go through with the bet. I'll tough it out, v though.

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