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onionberry said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

A shit port isn't a visually inferior version, it's a version that doesn't look as good as it should, and runs badly and has a multitude of bugs.

They look awful, a lot of the character models are like upscaled PS2 models. There are plenty of bugs in the games as well, so to think a system they work on every year can look that bad and can have such stupid bugs that can be fixed, it's not ridiculous to think that on a system they've never worked on before it would be worse? 

I'm talking about graphics because that's what he said, his preoccupation is graphics and that's why he wants a cartoony version of wwe (for some reason) yeah right cause that would be a system seller. Then the rant would be "Nintendo is not getting the real game, we are getting a cartoony version because wah wah kids toy)

I guess it depends on how it looks. Art and direction can change the feel of a game I guess?  They didn't show any gameplay with the announcement so we'll see what it looks like. 

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