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onionberry said:
ArchangelMadzz said:
He said it scares him because a shit port isn't what switch needs. But admitted that he could be completely wrong and wants to be completely wrong.

what's a shit port? the game is not going to look like the ps4 or xbox version because with the switch we are sacrificing power for portability, we already know that. So, automatically a shit port even if they do their best? I think some people are slow and they don't understand a switch is not a ps4 but it offers a different value. BTW is not like WWE games look good on any platform.

A shit port isn't a visually inferior version, it's a version that doesn't look as good as it should, and runs badly and has a multitude of bugs.

They look awful, a lot of the character models are like upscaled PS2 models. There are plenty of bugs in the games as well, so to think a system they work on every year can look that bad and can have such stupid bugs that can be fixed, it's not ridiculous to think that on a system they've never worked on before it would be worse? 

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