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I've put about 12 hours into Panzer Tactics HD (Steam) so far and I can say that its a pretty decent game that mimics Panzer General type of play. Sure the interface has a few issues like when placing troops at start of mission can get a little annoying when you get to a troop that you know you don't want to place such as a Junkers dive bomber (because you know the enemy comes out with fighters in first rounds and you don't want to place them till round 4 or so) but it keeps going back to that unit making you click left or right arrows to get to a different unit to place. So basically just little things that are "holding" the game back. Some other minor things like blur on the top and bottom of screen but that can be turned off in options, and repetitive music (seems to be only one track that goes on a endless loop after going quiet for sometime, I just play with sound off and my own music).

I picked it up for 2.50 on the Summer Sale and I can say it is definitely worth that price. It's a good enough clone of Panzer General clone to not pass it up on a summer or winter sale.