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S.T.A.G.E. said:

Hackers are anti consumer in the sense that they are anti-barrier and a security risk. You cannot stop them. Microsoft cannot stop them and neither can Sony. Sure, Microsoft has better security, but Microsoft has recently had issues as well as others with Sony in the past. No one is beyond it. Anyone who thinks in the information age that security is iron clad is kind of losing touch with reality.

Except... Other companies tend to make hackers lives at-least slightly difficult.
They don't blatantly "leave the door open" like what Sony did.

Seventizz said:

I've been with Xbox Live since the beginning and I've never been hacked.

Xbox live has been exploited, had downtime etc'. But nothing on the same level as Sony. Sony had shit security, they neglected it's customers information and they paid for that incompetence in spades. The result was a massive overhaul of the Playstation Network and months and months of downtime.

Microsoft has pretty much managed to avoid being exploited to the same degree because they *are* more proactive at security.

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