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leo-j said:
Soundwave said:


Hate to say it but a lot of people here talking about stuff they probably were too young to experience or weren't even flat out born for yet. 

The NES is the correct answer, but the amount of people that really think SONY started marketing towards teenagers/older players and no one thought of doign that before them ... hahahahaha, are you fucking kidding me? Hello? Saaaaay ittttt. Saaaaaaay ittt? SEGA!

Sega was doing all that way before Sony ever showed up. 

Sega had the first blockbuster violent/blood rated killer app (Mortal Kombat). Beyond that they had other games like Night Trap. Madden NFL, FIFA, and NBA Live and other sports games were popularized on the Genesis first. Sega was marketed around the clock on MTV and during prime time TV shows like Fresh Prince. 


Sega did Virtua Fighter before Tekken, they did Virtua Racing before Ridge Racer. Sony didn't do anything new, all they did was take Nintendo's third parties (Squaresoft, Enix, Konami, Capcom, etc.) and combine that with edgier marketing/branding similar to what Sega had been doing for years. 

Numbers don't lie..... playstation changed the game and opened up gaming for men not just boys.... u had a niche amount of adults playing on snes and nes and sega ..... it wasn't until

playstation that GTA/mgs/ resident evil exploded the gaming industry....


U want casual market that's ps2.... Wii as well but to a lesser extent 

That was going to happen naturally anyway you had the NES crowd plus a new crowd of KIDS actually coming into the industry by the mid-1990s. Because babies didn't magically stop being born after 1990, the kids who were born in 88-90 still liked video games (go figure) and they would need a console on top of the kids who grew up with the NES-SNES-Genesis. 

The "adults" you're talking about were just 17-18-19-20 year olds that had grown up with a NES/SNES/Genesis already. Sony didn't add shit IMO, they just took Nintendo's third party support and combined it with Sega's existing marketing strategy. 

Metal Gear was already on the NES, GTA was not a system seller on the PS1 (it was on PS2 but that wouldn't be until 6 years later). SEGA is the one that allowed the first hyper violent console blockbuster in Mortal Kombat, which sold millions of copies and forced Nintendo to allow violent content on their systems. Not Sony. SE-GA. 

Sega should be given credit for all that, not Sony. They started pushing towards older players because they couldn't compete with Nintendo in the "Disney" style. They started the whole "extreme" marketing thing. 

SEGA is why we have violent M-rated video games for consoles. They pushed that first. SEGA is the reason why Sony/MS target older players in their marketing. They did that first. SEGA is the reason why sports sims broke out and "jock gamers" was a thing. These are things all mistakenly attributed to Sony, they did none of that first (successfully).