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1. NES (Basicly shaping the industry as we know it, both on a business level and technology level)
2. Wii (Introduced gaming to a whole new market, changed gaming from being for nerds, to being for everybody. Gaming on smart devices might not exist to the extent it does today, had it not been for the Wii and DS. Introduced new types of experiences for gaming)
3. Gameboy (Created the handheld market)
4. Nintendo DS (Did the same as the Wii. Introduced touch screen for handheld gaming)
5. Sony Playstation (Had a big influence on the industry as a whole and the types of games we see today)
6. Atari 2600 (Introduced a lot of things to the gaming industry, though I don't think it's impact was as lasting as for some of the others)
7. Microsoft Xbox (Set the blueprint for the hardware architechture we see in current consoles, attracted PC-only developers to consoles and made the first truly successful online service)
8. Sega Genesis (Influenced the marketing stragegies of the industry a lot)
9. Nintendo 64 (Introduced a lot of assets of the modern controller and had some of the most influential 3D games)
10. Sony Playstation 2 (Was the first to push consoles as a multimedia device)