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Ka-pi96 said:
SvennoJ said:
Ah, that's what's still missing in VR, some good old tbs game. I was already tempted to buy chess ultra for psvr. Relaxing with a good turn based game should be fun.

Civilization used to be my favorite but I'm kinda over it. Perhaps in VR my interest could be rekindled, I could only endure one game of Beyond Earth before getting bored with the same old formula. I love the building up stage, no fan of the destruction that usually comes later.

Valkyria chronicles was great, the first one that is. Worms Armageddon is still fun occasionally. Heroes of might and magic was very good. Transistor's turn based combat was great too. I can't really think of any tbs I played since 2014 :/ No wonder I was getting tempted by a chess sim...

How would Civ in VR even work?

Why would it not work? You float above the ground while viewing the battelefield all around you. It could teleport you to the next location if the next unit is too far away. The low res could be a hindrance, yet I started playing civ when it was 320x200. Transparent virtual touchscreen to issue orders, point where units should go. Select them with headtracking.

Tethered was very good rts implementation for VR. Warpaint looks very basic, it's a start.