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Kyuu said:

I know, but Mother 3 was the "only" notable GBA first party game since the end of 2004.. and you forget to mention that it came out Globally-in-Japan :P Mother is hardly noteworthy anyways.

Yes, you can count The Minish Cap, I don't see why not. Most preceding consoles retain a level of support when the new generation arrives. Beside GT6 (and off the top of my head), Sony released MLB and LBP3 as cross gen games in addition to the excellent third party support of PS3. Nintendo emphasized the "third pillar" nonsense to mislead GBA owners, and to make sure they had an alternative to resort back to in case the DS fails.

If Nintendo released a more technologically advanced DS a year after the PSP, I'm pretty sure it would have still been a massive success. Lifetime sales would've been closer to:

GBA: 100M
PSP: 90-115M
NDS: 110M-125M

GBA lagged far behind the PSP in power, but it had its 70M~ install base advantage. I don't think Nintendo had good reasons to be paranoid to the point of screwing up the GBA owners who actually care about lifespans.

And of course NDS would sell as much as it did when it has titles like Mario Kart in its first year while GBA doesn't get anything worthwhile. They abandoned the GBA as their main handheld while pretending the DS is "completely seperate". Pokoko is correct, most Nintendo fans are indifferent to lifespans. Hell, you guys care more about Nintendo's profit than anything else, so long as their game quality doesn't go down. I mean you yourself referred to Sony's making the PSP as "bullshit" to justify the early DS release.

I said the only thing that you could call bullshit is Sony throwing off the generational cycle by launching as early as they did. The impact of a headstart shouldn't be underestimated because it allows a system to build a game library before the competition arrives. The PS1 greatly benefited from this, so why should Nintendo risk that the same scenario plays out in the handheld market? Your numbers even agree that Nintendo did the right thing. You added ~20m for the GBA and deducted 30-45m from the DS while giving the PSP an increase of 10-35m units.

What's so bad about the argument that Nintendo fans don't care about lifespans is that it ignores a couple of important things:

1. Nintendo does a better job at getting their big games out early, so after three years most things are already covered.

2. Historical tie ratios show that people buy on average 6-10 games for home consoles and 3-6 games for handhelds. If it takes so few games to satisfy the average console owner and when Nintendo gets out top titles early, then it shouldn't be a mystery why satisfaction with a console purchase is reached faster among Nintendo console owners.

You want to claim that GBA owners got screwed over, but when you consider tie ratios and how many good games the GBA had, then the likelihood that your claim is true is incredibly low. The basis of your and pokoko's statements in this thread is the same: You'd like to figure out a way to say that Nintendo console owners are inherently worse than people who buy consoles of other brands.

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