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2 Games are currently on sale for 40% off on Switch's eShop:

Super Bomberman R is currently $29.99 {EU eShop}  ($49.99 regular)  Sale ends 7/8

Snake Pass is currently $11.99 ($19.99 regular)  Sale ends 7/4

Both are nice discounts if you were interested in either title, but have been on the fence about getting them for any reason.  I had been curious about Snake Pass, but didn't take the plunge until I spotted this sale.  Super Bomberman R is very tempting at that price as well, and not much of a hassle to go through the EU eShop to get it.  Have until the end of this week to decide on Super Bomberman R, but Snake Pass sale ends tomorrow.  Anybody else grab these at their discounted prices, or thinking about it now?

(I didn't see this posted anywhere else, but I apologize if it has been.)