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Miyamotoo said:
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No you would be wrong, you very clear wrote that those games want be out in 2018. I already wrote to you why Nintendo maybe didnt gave year of relase, beacuse they were just simple anancuments whitout any infos, probably they saving all infos for full and proper reveal of those games, like trailers, gameplay and year of release.

I also already answer you on that. Again, what exactly they could said after FForce backlash!? Certainly they didn't want to say they are working on some "NX" game when "NX" still wasn't revealed, but actualy they did start hinting Metroid Prime after FForce backlash. 

Some of those games are announced before Wii U launch, some were announced in that panic January Nintendo Direct after launch. Splatoon was also announced and released in less than a year. Mario, Skyrim, NBA are revealed at Switch reveal just 5 monts before launch, so even if is more than year from their reveal to launch its not nothing strange because on console reveal you need to show some strong and important games (of course you can reveal console that will be out in 5 months without any game). I already answer for Metroid and Pokemon anancument (and you even have Reggie quote). Again, you have plenty example that I mentione where Nintendo anancing and releasing games in less than a year and actualy good number of example that they relasing game in less than 6 monts, fact that you only mentioned Mario Tennis proves you are not aware on what degree Nintendo is working to have less time between launch and release.

Nintendo will aways have some anancumet for games that want be out in less than year, but it's obvious they are lookin to have more announcements for game that will be announced and released in less than a year, especially now with Switch. And they several time said that.

Again, like I wrote, "This is clear example how Nintendo is operating in most cases, they reveal and launch game in less than a year and like you can see there are plenty examples where they announced and released game in less than 6 months. Wii U list would have even much more examples if Wii U didnt sell terrible and Nintendo in panic mode announced most of Wii U projects they had in that time in January event just 2 months after Wii U launch. And now with Switch, they are going even for less time between annacument and launch (in most cases), because Switch is selling great and they have steady flow of good games without drouths compared to Wii U. You again fail to see that or from some reason you don't want to see that, but all that is reason why you don't need to be worry (and why most people are not worry), "because in middle of 2017. we have "only" 3 certain games that will be released in 2018", especially if we know that that all big internal projects are in development for Switch (most of 2017. and 2018. 3DS games are done buy external teams outside Nintendo and in most cases they are smaller projects, spinoffs and remasters)".


I dont intend to reply any more beaucuse you again started to make points on which I already answered in previous posts, so you force me to repeat. You can expect or believe whatever you want, while keep ignoring clear examples and facts.

I said they won't be out in 2018 for several reasons.
The most important being that Nintendo did not give them, despite giving release dates to 3 other games (Kirby, Yoshi and FE).
You can use as many quotes as you want, unless one of them says they are coming out in 2018, they are not coming out in 2018.

After the blacklash for FForce they could have revealed Metroid 3DS - seeing as FForce was actually a 3DS game.
Point being, Nintendo doesn't react to upset fans the way you said they did with Pokemon.

The question is not if they announce this long or that long before the console launch; the point is that they do announce stuff that is far ahead.
This has been my point since out conversation before E3.
I also gave several examples of them acting this way. If you choose not to see that they do this in a substantial manner, it's not my problem.

Switch also had games revealed more than one year away: Mario, NBA, Skyrim and you CAN add to that list - at least until something changes - Pokemon and Metroid.
Also, it's too early to say if Nintendo will opt more for games coming in the next 6 months/less than 12 months or more than one year.
I don't know how much stuff they have planned; i don't know how big their projects are; how they decided support for 3DS.
Don't jump into conclusions.

Don't forget that your main point in our conversation before E3 was that Nintendo only focuses on the current year (i wanted them to focus on next year!).