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Miyamotoo said:
DélioPT said:

"Game Freaks has begun developing" and "now in development" point to recent events.
In MP4's case your own quote shows that Nintendo wanted to let people know right at the start.
Either it's began recently or not. You can't have it both ways.

"and they showed 2 games that could be relased in second half of 2018. "
This is the part i was talking about. There's nothing pointing at this - other than you wishing/believing.
So, yes, until both games come out in 2018, you were wrong.

The question was not if Nintendo wanted to please fans for not announcing a Switch Pokemon game in the ND. Your argument was that the Spotlight reveal was made because of that.
I don't believe that to be the case; i haven't seen any hint proving you right; i even showed you that Nintendo doesn't work that way (used the FForce backlash to show this).

Those non-revealed games of January were the exception. The same way Mario Tennis for Wii U was revealed at E3 2015 and launched months after.
E3 showed you that they reveal (always have) more than just what's coming in the short term.

I don't know if there's reason to worry, but i do believe there's no reason to say all is fine when they have only announced 3 (confirmed to be) 2018 games.

Yes it can be go in both ways. But have on mind that Reggie and Nintendo were hinting Metroid Prime for quite time now.

Why you ingoring fact they said they "it may not be released in more than in year" for Pokemon. Holiday 2018. is year and half after E3 2017. so defiantly its posible that can be relased in 2018. and that actually even sound like they aiming holiday 2018. release. For Metroid Prime 4, we dont know for how much is development and of course also it could be released in holiday 2018. that again is around 1.5 year after E3 2017. announcement. I can't be wrong with that because I wrote they could be released in second half of 2018. not that they will certainly be released. But you will be wrong if only one is relased in 2018. beacuse you are saying they will not be relased in 2018.

You believe whatever you want, even dispte strong point and facts. Like I wrote, Force backlash doesn't have anything with this situation, what exactly they could said after FForce backlash, certainly they didn't want to say they are working on some "NX" game when "NX" still wasn't revealed, but actualy they did start hinting Metroid Prime after FForce backlash.


Only Mario Tennis!? :D You have plenty of those examples for Wii U and 3DS, SM3DW was 1st time shown at E3 2013. and released in November of same year, Paper Mario: Color Splash was revealed in March 2016. and released in October, Captain Toad was announced at E3 2014. and released in December of same year, TP HD was revealed in November and relesed in March (4 monts later), WW HD was revealed in January event and released in September, Animal Crossing and Mario Tennis were revealed at E3 2015. and were released in November, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and Mario Party 10 at E3 2014. and they were relased in February and March, Hyrule Warriors was revealed  in December and released in September...I will not even bother with 3DS games I will just mentione last example, this 3DS Pokemon was announced in June and it will be released in November, while previous one was announced in February and released in November of same year.

This is clear example how Nintendo is operating in most cases, they reveal and launch game in less than a year and like you can see there are plenty examples where they announced and released game in less than 6 months. Wii U list would have even much more examples if Wii U didnt sell terrible and Nintendo in panic mode announced most of Wii U projects they had in that time in January event just 2 months after Wii U launch. And now with Switch, they are going even for less time between annacument and launch (in most cases), because Switch is selling great and they have steady flow of good games without drouths compared to Wii U. You again fail to see that or from some reason you don't want to see that, but all that is reason why you don't need to be worry (and why most people are not worry), "because in middle of 2017. we have "only" 3 certain games that will be released in 2018", especially if we know that that all big internal projects are in development for Switch (most of 2017. and 2018. 3DS games are done buy external teams outside Nintendo and in most cases they are smaller projects, spinoffs and remasters).

If you want we can bet, I am sure until years end, Nintendo will announced at least around 2-3 more 2018. games, so at years end we will have at least (certain) 5-6 Switch 1st party/exclusives 2018. games. Of Course in January I expecting ND again with some other new anancuments.

First, even if both Pokemon and MP4 were to be released i wouldn't be wrong because i'm only basing my expectations on Nintendo's own lack of specific release dates.
I already pointed out that the wording used for both announcements point to something recent. And with that, as i said before, no 2018 release date (= you being wrong).
I'll ask again, do you really believe that if Nintendo knew for a fact or had 2018 as a internal date, they wouldn't give it? What's stopping them? What's stopping them is that, given their own words and lack of a release date they know they won't make 2018.

You're not understanding the Federation Force example.
You said the Pokemon announcement was a reaction to the backlash caused by upset fans.
I told you that, in my opinion, it would be a bad business move. But not only that, Nintendo already had a BIGGER backlash and it didn't respond to it by revealing Metroid 3DS.
So no, i don't believe announcing Pokemon for Switch is a direct consequence of them having upset fans.

Yes, Nintendo is leaning more towards short time between reveal and announcements.
Still, one shouldn't forget Wii Fit U, Pikimin 3, Yoshi, Zelda (even if it had come out in 2015), Xenoblade, Bayonetta 2, W101, Mk8, Splatoon, Smash Brothers, Mario Maker, Starfox Zero, SMT x FE.
And with Switch, we already saw Nintendo announcing games that wouldn't come for a year, at least, like Mario, Skyrim, NBA. And even longer with Metroid and Pokemon.

The question is, Nintendo isn't shy about announcing games that are coming more than one year away. And so far, Pokemon and Metroid are proof and we could even add Fire Emblem.

I don't question now that Nintendo will announce more 2018, the same way as i expected them to do it if they didn't reveal more at E3.
The thing is, Nintendo's way isn't just revealing stuff that is coming in the next 6 months.
And it's still to early to decide on how Nintendo will reveal stuff now that 2017 is pretty much decided.