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Gotta have the latest Sony console so PS4 and I tend to buy over powered laptops for certain productivity (Or at least up until now, I'm not sure apps these days need anymore than mid i5, 8gb ram and a 1 gig card as I can multitask on that without any slow down, unless the next adobe suite require three times the performance and I want to multitask, I think it may be years before anything over those specs are needed) ....Anyway, I gotta pick PC for my on and off compulsive obsessions with RTS, 4X and god games/managment sims, city builders and the odd game from steam that skips PS4 like Pillars of Eternity or grim dawn and of course I can play Xbox games like Ori and Ori 2...besides for that and combat evolved I can't actually remember any other xbox games I want to play besides forza.


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